Chuggalug is a 100% LIVE band comprised of three full-time musicians. Formed in 2010, their talent, energy, personality and versatility set them apart as one of the hardest working trios in show business. Charlie and PJ never rely on sequencers to create their sound.  The Chugg family is blessed to work at public and private events in MD, DC, NoVA, PA and beyond. We cover artists such as Boston, Journey, Lady Gaga, oldies, and more!


Chuggalug’s arsenal of pro drummers includes Phil Brotman of Baltimore, Kim Martin of Fairfax, and Andy Hamburger of Silver Spring. (Click each name for their personal page. Also see the 'Bios' tab at the top of this page.)

In 2014, Charlie and PJ started their original indie pop/rock band and called it ‘Us!’, releasing a full-length album More Songs In The Key Of Us! in 2015.

In 2016, Charlie and PJ joined Baltimore-based Capitol/EMI recording artist FACE DANCER, which released a new album Brave New Faces in 2016.

In 2018, Charlie and PJ joined the Maryland band MOTEL CALIFORNIA, performing songs by the Eagles and other SoCal artists.

We love meeting new people. Come say hi!


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