Charlie and PJ would like to sincerely thank all of the people who have supported Chuggalug since mid-May while we've been out of work. When COVID-19 came to America, Chuggalug had no idea how devastating the effect would be on human's health and livelihood. We waited and waited for economic relief in the form of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (together referred to as "gig worker unemployment"), and the $1200 economic stimulus. Both have just now arrived, thankfully! It doesn't match what we'd be making during the warm weather months, but we sure sleep better at night.

Your tips helped us buy food, pay bills, and keep the internet running in the Chuggalug Hippie Household. No contribution was too small!

Your 'likes' and comments increased the visibility of our Facebook posts on our business page ( so that more people would see what we were doing on social media. Every 'like' on a music post is worth it's weight in gold. The more popular a post is on Facebook, the more people will see it. Fact. So while we enjoy interacting with you all on Facebook with fun memes and pics, we felt real true friendship from so many of you who simply clicked 'like' on our music posts.

Just because we don't have gigs doesn't mean you can't see us do what we love! We're continuing to take video requests and video song dedications. And we've recently delved into live streaming.

We wish you all health and happiness as we weather together this horrible time in history. Hope to see you soon!

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