Chuggalug's Hats

During the last 10 years that Chuggalug has been in business, I've repeatedly stated that "Chuggalug wears many hats." That still confounds a lot of people who prefer that a band pick a label and run with it.

  1. Chuggalug is sincerely, and naturally, just as comfortable performing at The Mandarin in DC as we are playing at a pig roast in Podunk, USA. It's finally okay with me if you don't believe me. Our track record has proven otherwise.

  2. While other bands technically can perform in a variety of situations, Chuggalug truly is versatile because we came of age in the music business. The core of Chuggalug is Charlie and PJ, who both started gigging professionally as teenagers. We learned a variety of ropes, from a wide variety of sources, in a variety of demographics, We were taught a variety of music genres by our teachers as kids, in college, and on stage. We were schooled in the business of music by a variety of colleagues and mentors. There's no book you can read to become versatile - you become versatile from real life gigging. Chuggalug certainly isn't the only versatile band in the DMV! Just know that we can, and do, fit in in many different settings because we've been immersed in those settings for a long time.

With Chugg-Age comes Chugg-Wisdom, right? I've finally stopped worrying about the bars who pass us over because they think we're "just" a wedding band. I've stopped worrying about the wedding/corporate clients who pass us over because they think we're "just" a bar band. I've stopped worrying about the Face Dancer hard rock fans who were shocked (disappointed?) to see us performing disco or Taylor Swift at a Chugg show. I've stopped worrying about former upscale clients, and that horribly uncomfortable face they make when they ask us why we're booked in a Podunk club. (LOL!)

At the end of the day, the Chuggalug Household (Blog#1) has a full schedule, the mortgage paid, the cars running, and food on the table. We get by hand-to-mouth at millennial hangouts, Boomer haunts, upscale hotels, smoky Moose lodges, senior living centers, and the list goes on... Thankfully!

Wishing you all Peace, Love and Understanding. #blessed

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