Just when you think it can't get worse...

The Downside: Many of you who follow Chuggalug know that Charlie and PJ are also in another band that has had to cancel several paying gigs "last minute" due to an ongoing and irreparable health issue with another band member. (Charlie and PJ are fine.) What that means in musician speak is that 1) the Chuggalug household has lost thousands of dollars in income we had budgeted for; and 2) there is no way to find other public or private gigs on those dates because people book 3-12 months in advance. And sadly, it also means 3) that Charlie and PJ won't make the mortgage on their home, and 4) this year we aren't buying Christmas presents for our families. To make matters worse, this pattern of canceling gigs last minute is going to continue for the foreseeable future until someone makes a decision otherwise. It is by far the worst December in history for both Charlie and PJ.

The Upside: It's just money, and we have our health. As cliche as it sounds, Charlie and PJ are taking decent care of themselves. There's no cancer. There are no insurmountable medical bills piling up. And Charlie and PJ are still best friends. The house is warm, the cars are running, there's food on the table, and this too shall pass.

May we all embrace the December holiday season for its true merits. If you're Christian, you're celebrating Christ. If you're Jewish, the Festival of Lights commemorates an important milestone in your history. If you're human, you're celebrating family and friends, and goodwill to your fellow humans.

We look forward to hopefully seeing you all in the new year. Ho ho ho from Charlie and PJ!


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