Post A Photo of How We Met!

Hi everybodies! We miss you all so much in MD, VA, PA, DC, and beyond. We hope that everyone is happy and healthy. Since it's been so long, we thought it'd be fun if we reminded each other of how we all met! Post a photo or comment about how we met you!

We also wanted to publish an update since it's been so long. Outdoor gigs are starting to come in and we are booking them. We are still not booking any indoor gigs, knowing that that means we probably won't get to play at those places for the remainder of the year. Once a place is booked, it's booked.

The sad and untimely COVID-deaths of more and more musicians reminds us that continuing to self-isolate is the correct decision for our household and our band. Yes, we actually know some of the musicians who've died from COVID. And yes, they had continued gigging during the winter. If the virus doesn't go away, Chuggalug will have to cancel the immediately upcoming gigs we have booked, especially since vaccinations are not full-proof and that is an ever-changing situation as the virus presumably continues to evolve. When we reflect on our gigs in 2020, we remember that music lovers innocently were rarely socially distanced from us - understandably it's hard to remember when you're having a good time!

So how are you all doing? We get to see your smiley faces on social media. What a great way to keep in touch! Drop a line and say hello! Post a photo of what you're up to or how we met! We'd love to hear from you!

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